Rolling, rolling, rolling . . .


Calla lilies


I never know what Ted will create next – it’s been a recurring mystery throughout our relationship.  Two days ago, he made a feather that is currently in the middle of our front year, fluttering in the breeze.

When I came home from an all-day meeting yesterday, he’d created a beautiful bouquet of calla lilies out of stainless steel.  This picture (taken with my phone) scarcely does them justice.

These would be perfect in a front gate, garden arbor, or on their own as a focal point above your fireplace or on an outside patio wall.  We’ll have a supply at the Junk Refunk Street Market in Canby (August 20) and the Portland Home and Garden Show (October 6-9).  The feather may also make an appearance.

See you at SIP!



For months, Ted has been busy hammering, forging, and shaping bronze, copper, and steel into pieces of art.  Our basement is stacked with cattails, reeds, bamboo, dragonflies, and snails – and next weekend we will pack up the lot and take it all to our first show of the year.  SIP! McMinnville’s Wine and Food Classic will be held March 11, 12, and 13 at Evergreen Aviation Museum.  It’s a great way to spend a rainy winter weekend – lots of great wines, good food, and some very interesting local artisans.  See you there!