Bench anvils


For an enamel artist who works on a small scale, a bench anvil is an essential tool.  Adding texture or shape to a disk of copper, bronze, or silver takes a pendant or earrings to the next level.  While we have a full metal shop, there are times when I need to straighten or bend or recurve something again . . . and again.  Rather than walk out to the shop, I’ve been using the garage floor.

Recently.  Ted wandered out to the shop while I was in the middle of pre-Thanksgiving prep and returned an hour later with a new bench block/anvil.  When he told me to turn it over, I realized that this will be my new best friend in the studio.  He placed a dapping depression on the reverse side for doming disks.

IMG_1045 (1)

Doming a disk before enameling adds structural strength and visual interest – and now, I can work on projects during the nooks and crannies of my day.

Similar anvils are available for $35 plus shipping ($5.95) and he can make modifications upon request.  I’ve already asked him to include a slot for putting a 90-degree bend in my sheet copper blanks, thinking that this will be a nice way to incorporate fold-forming to my designs.  I also want a wider shallower depression for putting a slight dome on pendants.  What would be useful to you?

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