Hanging your hat on a hazelnut hook

As hazelnut farmers in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, we spend as much time in our orchard as in our metal shop.  Both endeavors are equally satisfying.  And, earlier this year, I found a perfect leaf in our Sacajawea field, across the road.  Using it as a template, we manufactured 1,500 hooks for a local hazelnut company. and soon farmers throughout the Northwest will be hanging their hats on our hooks.

Cut from sheets of silicon bronze, each leaf was cut, smoothed, textured, and drilled. The hooks were cut from rods of the same silicon bronze.  After both ends were smoothed, the hook was formed and notched.  Then, each hook was silver-soldered onto the leaf and after a final polish, three five-gallon pails of leaf hooks were delivered.  Here is a picture of the leaves just before the final polish.  The heat of the soldering torch created a lovely patina.leaves

We have a small supply of additional hooks available for sale.  And, without the hooks, the leaves make a lovely holiday ornament.  Contact us through this website or see us at SIP (McMinnville’s wine and food classic) in March.

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