Bronze vessels


These vessels bring the natural world into your home with a permanence that will last for generations.  Hand-forged out of rich bronze, the bowls nestle into a olive branch, grape cluster, or oak leaves with acorns.  Flashing the finished bowl with a torch brings out a rainbow of colors on the metal.  Prices range from $40 for a small plain bowl with no ornamentation to $200 for a custom medium-sized bowl with a number of decorative elements.


Welcome to New Brighton Forge

We are a small artisan metal shop in Amity, Oregon.  We build gates, railings, arbors, and other decorative elements.  Starting with raw metal – steel, copper, bronze – we use age-old blacksmithing techniques enhanced with new technology to saw, hammer, and forge works of art.  We invite your inquiries at (503) 835-0432 or